Our Story

Born in 2020 in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, JavaVerde was established to share the joy of excellent coffee with folks in East Texas.

Our mission is to deliver ULTRA-fresh roasted coffee and teach our customers to be discerning coffee consumers.

Universally our customers tell us they never knew coffee could taste so good. Most drink it black once they learn how good fresh-roasted coffee should taste.

The roasting process starts a cascade of chemical reactions in the green bean that doesn't stop until stale, "off" flavors develop that many consumers try to overcome with cream, sugar, and other flavorings.

Do us a favor: try it black and if you still want to add your extras, have at it, but we are certain your coffee experience with JavaVerde is going to be unique.

Everyone enjoys drinking coffee at different ages following roasting.  Some people like it 24 hours after roasting, some like it two weeks after roasting.  We like the flavors of coffee within a week of roasting, so we think it's critical to know when your beans were green, which is why we always tell you when your beans were roasted.

Buy your beans in small batches, often, and have a great cup of coffee every time you drink it.